For Creators and Contributors

We’re here to help you share your music with the world by building your brand, promoting your work and bringing fantastic listening experience to your audience.

Make the best music and share it with the world

Musongle gives creators and contributors flexibility so that you can upload and share your music or songs with a broader audience. All music pieces will go through a quality check, any piece of inferior quality shall be deleted if they do not comply with our rules.

You should have the legal rights to share

As a creator or contributor, you must be the owner of the art pieces or have the legal rights to upload and share what you execute.

Build your channel and grow your community

We support creators of music and songs. Musongle gives you the space to share what you have created and let your viewers into your world of music.

You can earn money from your work

Earn revenue from music or song sales that run on your channel or music pieces. When your music downloads reach a Premium, you can earn a portion of the sales when the audience consume and buy your content. Your earnings will be reported and settled on a monthly basis after they reach a threshold of one hundred dollars.

If you are an organization or music press that has a large volume of music or songs to contribute for cooperation, please contact

Copyright Policies and Guidelines

Our Copyright Policies and Guidelines are designed to keep our community of creators, contributors and viewers protected, and to encourage creators and contributors to take responsibility for their part in this effort. They set out what is and is not allowed and apply to all content across the platform.

How to start joining the community

You shall first choose to pick up and purchase a piece of music or song to create an account. Then plan to build and expand your channel and upload your music or songs. All your works shall be reviewed by the platform so that they won’t violate relevant property rights. Your music will then be edited by our editors and distributed to the appropriate channels. Only approved members can upload content to the platform.